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Questions and Answers

Q: Does it work under Windows® 7® ?
A: Yes, it works.

Q: What browsers does Internet Cleaner support?
A: Internet Cleaner currently supports the following web browsers:

Q: How long may I use the trial version?
A: You may use the Internet Cleaner product during evaluation period free of charge. The evaluation period is limited to 30 days. After evaluating you must to either buy this software or remove it from your computer.

Q: How to Buy Internet Cleaner?
A: See the Order Internet Cleaner section

Q: Is your online order form secure?
A: Yes, it is 100% secure.

Q: Should I download the registered software version after registration?
A: You will not have to download the full software version after registration. After purchasing you will receive the software registration code to remove all trial limitations.

Q: How to Register Internet Cleaner?
A: Enter your registration information following these steps:

  1. Please be sure that your Windows user account has administrator rights.
  2. Running Internet Cleaner.
  3. Press the 'Register' button, a registration dialog box will appear.
  4. Press the 'Enter Key' button.
  5. Input the registration information exactly as what you've got.
    IMPORTANT: Please copy and paste the user name and registration key to the registration dialog and DON'T type it manually because it's difficult to distinguish the letter "l" (lower case of "L") from "1" (one) and "o" from "0" (zero), etc.
  6. Press "Register" button.
  7. Close Internet Cleaner.
  8. Run Internet Cleaner again.
  9. When the registration information was accepted, you can use Internet Cleaner with no time restrictions.

Q: I can't find my registration code.
A: If you don't receive your registration key within a reasonable amount of time (two business days for credit card payments or two weeks for other ordering methods), please contact us to clear up this situation.

Q: My registration code doesn't work.
A: Please be sure you enter it as it is. The easiest way to enter your registration code correctly is to copy and paste it to the registration dialog and DON'T type it manually because it's difficult to distinguish the letter "l" (lower case of "L") from "1" (one) and "o" from "0" (zero), etc.

Q: Why the index.dat file still exist after I clean them?
A: Index.dat stores information about what web sites you have visited and what cookies have been saved, the index.dat files are always locked by system when Windows is running and can not be deleted. Internet Cleaner overwrites these index.dat files with random data, others can see nothing useful form these files after cleaning these files, so don't worry about it.

If you have any questions that not answered in this FAQ, please feel free to contact us.